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Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond

When you invest in your business, you invest in a new bookkeeper.
The Texas Longhorn exemplifies remarkable adaptability, flourishing on a diet consisting of grasses, plants, and weeds often disregarded by other breeds. Their adeptness at efficiently grazing across varied terrain highlights their capacity to adjust to diverse environments. Additionally, their robust immune systems provide them with inherent defenses against diseases and parasites that commonly affect other breeds.

In drawing parallels, our resemblance to the Texas Longhorn lies in our ability to adapt and excel in various circumstances. Just as the Longhorn navigates changing landscapes with resilience, we too can triumph over challenges, leveraging our adaptability and strength to thrive in any setting. Since its establishment in 2018, Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond has remained steadfast in delivering exceptional client satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to precision, meticulous attention to detail, and readiness to confront any challenge ensures that the financial records we produce are devoid of errors, omissions, or any other discrepancies.

About Us

Core Values
  1. Remaining Biblically Balanced
    We wouldn't exist if God weren't in control of our business.  We always give all glory to God by treating everyone with the love and respect they deserve, and allowing God to shine by ensuring the books are upheld with a biblical standard.
  2. Education
    An important steps of a business' success is educating the clients and students in reading financial statements and in application.  It's also important to know that there's no such thing as a stupid question.  If you don't ask, you'll never learn.
  3. Communication
    Just like every successful marriage, communication is key to having a successful relationship with our clients and students.  In the same way, treating a client's business as if it were our own and having their best interests at heart go hand-in-hand.
  4. Fermentation and Pressure
    Refining a business' books with a sharpened skill-set, attained over 20+ years, is essential to creating a clear, concise, and maintainable set of books.
Our Story
Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond was founded with the goal of teaching bookkeeping in a distinctive way. We recognize that people require hands-on training, which is why we developed the Miss LC's Bookkeeping Discipleship Program. Our one-year program takes a Jesus-inspired approach to teaching, providing love, education, and a future to those who want to learn to manage clients' books. With your permission, our bookkeepers will manage your bookkeeping under the strict and direct supervision of our experienced professionals, so both parties benefit - our bookkeepers gain valuable hands-on experience and businesses receive competent bookkeeping services.  Not only do they have the opportunity to learn how to do bookkeeping, we also offer tax prep, tax planning, business advisory, and construction administration.  This offers a broader skill set for our bookkeepers, increasing their value and versatility in serving clients and you're well taken care of.
Hand Shake

Our Services


Discipleship Program

Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond offers a unique one-year Discipleship Program. Through the close supervision of our seasoned bookkeepers, individuals learn how to manage clients' books through hands-on practice.  This program is ideal for individuals interested in a career in bookkeeping or for businesses looking to expand their services.  We also offer franchise opportunities for those would like to partner with us in this unique opportunity.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

When you invest in your company's bookkeeping, you invest in a new bookkeeper!


Mentorship & Assistance

Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond's mentorship and assistance services in bookkeeping and QuickBooks Online aim to instill a sense of confidence and resilience.  We understand that the financial landscape is ever-evolving, and our program equips you with the knowledge and adaptability to navigate these changes successfully.  We provide a transformative experience that combines personalized mentorship, hands-on assistance, and a holistic approach to professional development.


Join us on a journey where your bookkeeping and/or QuickBooks Online skills are not just refined, but your entire approach to financial management is elevated to new heights.


Full-Service Bookkeeping

Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond is dedicated to providing top-notch professional services that make your life easier and stress-free. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, error-free books, and a welcoming learning environment for our students. You can trust to provide you with the best possible experience.


Tax Preparation & Planning

Our team provides top-notch tax preparation and planning services that guarantee accuracy, compliance, and maximum savings for your financial success. Don't settle for less when it comes to your taxes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

*Not licensed in NY, CA, CT, or OR.


Construction Administration

We understand that as a construction professional, you excel in providing exceptional services, but may face challenges in managing the office side of things. That's where we come in. We offer a comprehensive solution that includes a walk-thru of your construction office to optimize workflows, assistance with safety and random drug testing, and help with worker's comp compliance (if applicable). Additionally, we can create billing strategies tailored to your company's needs. Let us help you streamline your business operations so you can focus on delivering exceptional construction services.

Meet the Team

Introducing the lead-instructor and her students, the backbone of our program. Without the dedication and hard work of her, none of this would be possible. We are proud to have such a and committed team.
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Discipleship Program Mission Statement
Our mission is to transform individuals into proficient, ethical bookkeepers through a unique Jesus-inspired approach. We blend foundational bookkeeping education with hands-on QuickBooks Online training, ensuring our students gain real-world experience by managing actual client accounts. By integrating spiritual values and professional expertise, we aim to empower our graduates to excel in the financial world, either by starting their own practice or by mentoring the next generation of bookkeepers, fostering a community of skilled, principled financial professionals.


What our clients say:

Mo Christopher

"As a one-man operation of a handyman service, sometimes I had trouble keeping my material costs and labor hours in Excel to pass on to the customer.  Lisa at Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond got me set up on QuickBooks, created the accounts that I needed to properly track costs, and entered 9 months of backlogged receipts.  Lisa showed me how much I had actually under-billed certain customers.  She created an invoice template so I can bill customers more rapidly, accurately, and I even get paid faster.  She still handles the big stuff and maintains my books, monthly, but has also taught me how to enter some of the small stuff so I can be more self-sufficient.  I highly recommend Miss LC's Bookkeeping & Beyond for your business bookkeeping needs."

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