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Client Questionnaire

How many bank accounts do you have (includes accounts you closed during the year)?
Do you have any credit cards? If so, how many?
Do you have any loans (includes loans that were paid off during the year)?
Do you have any employees?
If you answered yes to the above question, what payroll company do you work with?
Do you carry Worker's Compensation?
What is your entity type?
Do you collect sales tax?
If so, are you up to date on your sales tax filings?
How often are you required to report your sales tax?
Do you have any fixed assets (capital purchases >$2,500 individually)?
Do you have any Accounts Receivable?
If so, do you sell your Accounts Receivable to an outside company to pay you immediately (known as Factoring)?
When paying your bills, do you record them as expenses from the bank feed or do you enter them as bills in Accounts Payable?
Do you carry inventory?
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